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Better communication between applications eases coordination

among all caregivers.

Electronic Medical Record

The right choice, make practice more efficient and help to deliver a better quality of care to the patients

Highlighted modules:


- Clinical Decision Support

- Computerized Physician Order Entry

- Order Set Management

- Doctors Inbox

- Physician Scheduling

- Medical Record

- Nursing Rostering

- eMAR

- Observation & Assessment

- Handover

Patient Management

Enhance patient experience builds greater patient trust, relationships, and loyalty.

Highlighted modules:


- Patient Registration

- Appointment & Scheduling

- Bed Management

- Discharge Planning

- Medical Records

- Billing & Package

- Insurance Management

- Budget Estimate

Pharmacy Management

Simplify Pharmacy day-to-day operations, give Pharmacists more time on patient care.

Highlighted modules:


- Vetting & Verification

- Dispensing Management

- Inventory Management

- Drug Database

- Pharmacy Dashboard

- Pharmacy Automation Integration

Fully electronic operation management

process, in which all relevant

information is documented seamlessly. 

Core Features


From paper to paperless, get rid of duplicated patient data and files


Better quality of service


Optimize resources allocation (beds, operation rooms, specialty, equipment, doctors, …)


One-stop service for better patient experience


Integrated with 3rd party applications such as ERP & HR


Integrated with other hospital / specialty systems with HL7 standard compliance

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