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Internet of

Medical Things


IoMT refers to a connected infrastructure of sensor-based medical devices that can communicate with various information systems in hospital for clinical data transfer with modern mobile & wireless technologies. IoMT greatly enhances the concept of a Smart Hospital and “Hospital to Home” (H2H).


We provide solutions to make the healthcare environment for patients and healthcare professionals more secure and convenient.


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Smart Specimen Tracking Solution 

The all-inclusive RFID specimen tracking system is specially designed for hospitals, which can track and monitor the process of biological samples from collection to Pathology laboratory in real-time.

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Real-time location System

The sophisticated RFID and IoT-based tracking system not only helps to see the position of each patient and worker in real time, but also to gain valuable insights.


Baby Tracking System

Our RTLS baby safety system enables workers to provide an additional invisible protective layer around each hospital zone. Develop a robust protection layer around the room of the mother, nursery, maternity ward, and all geo-fenced entry points. If either tag leaves the perimeter unauthorized, automatic warnings will be sent to the relevant supervisors.


Asset & Inventory Management

We deliver a well-designed, extensive RFID-based solution that turns the repetitive and time-consuming routine into an intuitive, simple and efficient asset & stock management to fully control and monitor inventory changes, position, movement and life cycles of assets. 


Medication Kit Management

The necessary amount of drugs in appropriate quantities – when or where required.


Hospital Navigation (Wayfinding)

With our Hospital Navigation Solution, you can provide patients, clients, visitors and personnel with an in-app indoor wayfinding solution that will vastly increase the performance of your personnel by reducing the amount of time your staff spends showing people around and improving hospital experience in general.


Linen Management Solution

The program streamlines and automates linen processes in order to reduce labor expenditures and provide data in real time to reduce operating costs.

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