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Baby Tracking System

Baby Tracking System is a real-time baby monitoring system which baby and mother will both attach with RFID tag. In case of any unauthorized movement of baby outside of the permitted area or mother-baby mismatching, the alert system will be triggered and the responsible medical staffs will be notified.

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Key Features


Mother-Baby Matching 

  • Ensure the highest safety of baby best caring 

  • Support multiple births management



designed Tag 

  • Lightest and smallest in the market

  • Made of silicone, comfortable and hypoallergenic


High level of Security 

  • Temper-proof tag design prevents unauthorized removal

  • Connect with the alert system of the hospital

  • 24/7 protection


Environmental-friendly Design 

  • Low power consumption

  • Rechargeable tag

realtime location-04.png

Low Interference

  • Applied 433MHz radio frequencyto avoid interference caused by Wi-Fi/ Telecom/ Bluetooth


User-friendly System 

  • Staff may enroll and personalise new tags, track location and monitor security alerts

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