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Linen Management

Linen Management System enhances the laundry cycle management, logistics automation and claims administration to ensure identifiability and traceability of all kinds of hospital linens, such as Staff uniform and scrub, Patient uniform, bedding and curtain and enables users to monitor and track the whole process of dispatching, washing, collecting, counting, distributing and claiming of linen items.

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Key Features

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Perpetual Linen


  • Ensure the linens always available - Generate point-to-point tracking reports

  • Identifiability and traceability of all hospital linens

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Report for Review

and Analysis

  • Generate point-to-point tracking reports

  • Improve laundry service quality and efficency

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Laundry Cycle Management Automation

  • Intelligent laundry logistics management   (dispatching, washing, collecting, counting and distributing of all hospital linens)

  • Eliminate human errors

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User Access

and Control

  • Validate authorized staff of obtaining uniforms in the right size and colour

  • Support adjustable quota per staff

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Real-time Tracking

  • Real-time status and inventory monitoring

  • Data sharable to various systems

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High quality

RFID tag

  • Ruggedized design against tough  environmental physical conditions, e.g. heat, bleach, MRI and etc.

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