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Medication Kit Management

Medication Kit Management enables secure access control of medications/narcotics and automatic real-time update of any single item usage. The efficiency of medication kit restocking, Elimination of errors are greatly enhanced. Our solution is flexible across Pharmacy, Operating Theatre, Anesthesia, Resuscitation cart, Laboratory and other Specialties.

Key Features

medication kit-02.png

Up-to-second Tracking of Medication

  • Immediate record update of the status upon withdrawal or stock-in of any single medication

medication kit-05.png

Fluid Object Compatibility

  • Maintain high sensing capability regarding to all forms of medications, including the critical “fluid”

medication kit-03.png

Enhancement of Replenishment

  • Reduce the replenishing time of medication kit for pharmacists by LIVE re-stocking

medication kit-06.png

Reduction of Process Error

  • Ensure the designated medication is present in the kit and within expiration period

medication kit-04.png

Medication Traceability

  • Enhance the traceability of which staff the kit is dispatched to or replenishment is completed by

medication kit-07.png

Flexibility of Integration

  • Ease to integrate with customized   workflow(s), e.g. Resuscitation, Laboratory, Operation room

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