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Real-time Location System

Real-time Location System enables real-time tracking of patients, or even supporting staffs with a RFID tag. Real-time visibility enhances the patient safety and reduces the miss of schedules in hospital by reminder or alert through the patient’s tag, especially prevent elderly patients or patients with mental condition

real time location.png

Key Features

realtime location-02.png

Real time Location Monitoring

  • Improve patie best caring

  • Support multiple births management

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Patient Flow Analysis

  • Lightest and smallest in the market

  • Made of silicone, comfortable and hypoallergenic

realtime location-03.png

Temper Proof

Design of Tag

  • Temper-proof tag design prevents unauthorized removal

  • Connect with the alert system of the hospital

  • 24/7 protection

realtime location-06.png

Unauthorized Movement Alert

  • Low power consumption

  • Rechargeable tag

realtime location-04.png

Low Interference

  • Applied 433MHz radio frequencyto avoid interference caused by Wi-Fi/ Telecom/ Bluetooth

realtime location-07.png

Reminder of Scheduled Events

  • Staff may enroll and personalise new tags, track location and monitor security alerts

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