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Smart Shoes

Smart Shoes are specially designed for Elderly, people with Medical Conditions or Mental Health problem. Built-in Accelerometer Sensor Integrated with Multi-technology of GPS, Wi-Fi and Mobile Location-Based Service (LBS) enables Real-time Location Tracking, Fall Detection Daily Activity Monitoring and Motion Posture Analysis (Medical grade) which are able to be executed via Mobile APP or PC.

Comparing to wristband or neck pendant, shoes design is more considerate of our target users for their forgetfulness of belongings.

smart shoes.png

Key Features

smart shoes-02.png

Real-time Location monitoring


  • Enable indoor and outdoor tracking thru Wi-Fi / GPS / LBS technology

smart shoes-05.png

Accurate Fall Detection

  • Notify family or caregiver with   location of user whenever suspected fall is detected

smart shoes-03.png

Geo-Fencing Alert

  • Notify family or caregiver at the situation of user out of          pre-defined area

smart shoes-06.png



  • Analyze user’s steps, stride, pace, travelled distance and speed

smart shoes-04.png

Comfort and Safety

  • Enhance with Skid-proof and light weight soles, ventilated fabric material, water-proof embedded electronic module

smart shoes-07.png

Wireless Charging


  • Provide Qi wireless charging   methodology against the convenienc usage for elderly

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