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Smart Specimen Tracking Solution

Ewell’s Smart Specimen Tracking Solution revolutionizes the existing specimen delivery workflow. Through patented RFID technology, real-time track and trace delivery status, and automatic patient association ensures that specimen collection procedure is safe, effective, and efficient between various departments.

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Key Features


Automatic Specimen-Patient Association

Specimen and Patient Information automatically associate with a scan on the RFID reading pad tominimize human error and increase workflow efficiency


Real-Time Visual Dashboard

Specimen monitoring and Real-time delivery tracking during transit from various departments


Contactless Specimen Verification Scanning

Max 50 tubes samples can be scanned in batch to minimize human touch to the specimen


Delivery route Geofencing

Alert warning when entering an unauthorized route/ area to ensure safety of specimen handling


Real-Time Location Tracking

Enables the real-time status and specimen monitoring for higher security level


Auto-triggered Notification for Delivery Update

Pick-Up and completed notification and delayed specimen

delivery alert

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