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Ewell successfully held the HIMSS CXO Dialogue Series Hong Kong

Ewell is honored to organized and held the HIMSS CXO Dialogue Series in Hong Kong on 28 Jun 2019. The symposium focused on common challenges encountered by hospital service providers and how healthcare innovation can be applied to overcome problems in this technology-driven era. Three speakers delivered their keynote speeches in the event through which to enable event attendees to gain insights on the latest HIMSS implementation strategies.

The first session is held by Mr. John H. Daniels, Global Vice President of Healthcare Advisory Services Group HIMSS Analytics and the topic he presented was “Introduction of HIMSS & HIMSS Analytics”. It was followed by Mr. Simon Lin Kunren, Vice President of HIMSS APAC who delivered the topic “HIMSS Ecosystem and a regional digital health trend update”. Ms. Jilan Liu MD, CEO of HIMSS Greater China made presented on HIMSS in Greater China. The presentations were very informative and attendees were greatly enjoyed meeting with other industry leaders.

For this influential event, Ewell has brought together C-Suite executives and industry leaders from local public and private hospitals, and senior representatives from HIMSS.

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